Optimize sales across every channel

In store, online ore order on on the go - with the omnichannel e-commerce solution of Magstack it's all possible!
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“Magstack’s robust support and documentation has allowed us to explore unique solutions and evolve with our brand's needs in ways other ‘enterprise’ marketing platforms should take notice of.”
Danny Phillips, Directsor of Arkade

Make Magento 2 Omnichannel for Everyone, everywhere

Install in minutes and access the store immediately. Manage one ore more Magento installations from one dashboard.
Full featured webshop
Create a cohesive online and in-store sales platform to elevate your business.
Build without code
No coding skills needed to create a stunning store. But if you're adept, feel free to tweak the files.
Sync your own domain
Match your website name to your brand or business by syncing your own domain.

Expand your sales to every corner of the digital world

Connect with your customers wherever they are, from your own website to well-known online marketplaces and social media platforms.

  • An easy no code website builder: Set up a new online store quickly or effortlessly connect your existing website in just a few seconds.
  • Sell on marketplaces easy: Utilize prominent marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping to expand your sales.

Spinup a shop that evolves with your growth

Leave a lasting impact on your customers. With Magstack eCom, you have the ability to build a sales-centric webshop that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics or design quality.

  • Ecom optimized themes: Effortlessly construct your online store with complimentary themes that enhance your brand’s professional appearance.
  • Build in components: Use the power of 100+ build in components to quickly design your own store

Expand your product database to improve sales

With Magstack e-commerce, you have the freedom to sell a wide array of products, presenting a varied selection all from one limitless platform.

  • Manage your inventory: Accurately track your inventory levels with a synchronized system
  • Unify your database: Link your product catalogs and simultaneously edit product details across all your sales channels for streamlined management.

Expand the reach of your store

Minimize the time spent on marketing campaigns by utilizing automated tools and integrations with major online platforms, all accessible from your central dashboard.

  • Sell on multiple platforms: Leverage the power of automated product ads on Facebook and Google, taking advantage of advanced advertising capabilities to enhance your reach and impact.
  • Boost your SEO efforts: Improve your search rankings effectively with built-in SEO tools

Improve the customer experience across all channels

Encourage growth by integrating your store with various platforms and tools. Enjoy hassle-free expansion from a single, comprehensive platform.

  • Connect with important apps:With over 60 integrations, you can safely connect the apps your company already uses
  • One single source of truth: Connect with your ERP ore CRM to use just one single source of truth for your data.
Speed and agility aren’t words that typically describe enterprise companies. Shopify Plus enables us to move fast, add enhancements, and operate more like a startup.
Michael Rosania
Head of D2C Ecommerce, Reckitt-Benckiser

Increase your sales, without the heavy lifting.

Magstack users spend 90% less on their online store development than with standard Magento 2 projects. Put your money into your marketing and customer experience, not your IT department.
99.98% average uptime across Shopify
10K+ checkouts per minute with unlimited bandwidth and transactions
Built-in security, compliance, data encryption, and fraud and bot protection
Personalized migration, launch, and account management support at no extra cost
Sync your online B2B and DTC products, customers, and payments on one platform
Customize your online store and checkout, from front end to back end