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“Magstack’s robust support and documentation has allowed us to explore unique solutions and evolve with our brand's needs in ways other ‘enterprise’ marketing platforms should take notice of.”
Danny Phillips, Directsor of Arkade

Magento 2 — without writing a single Line of code

Create a high-quality, custom Magento 2 webshop with no development resources and no-code knowledge.
One click installation
Install and configure your Magento 2 store in just less then 15 minutes. We give control over every detail in your store.
Unlimited growth made easy
Grow your store quickly by adding a variaty of channels which are build in. And don't worry about scale, we scale with you.
Build quick and easy
Both non-technical and technical users can build quickly with our continue expanding library of templates and design components.

Magento 2 development is broken. Join the new enterprise.

You don’t need a thousand days to install software, an army of developers to support it, or millions of dollars to run it.

It’s time to leave your legacy software behind. Run Magento 2 Effortless, all in one central place and packed with features.
"Magstack’s robust support and documentation has allowed us to explore unique solutions."
Retain the benefits of a SaaS solution, while still being able to customize your store down to every single detail.
Maintain ownership over you shop and all your data, Whatever your plans will be, the store and data still be yours.
With the ability to gradually decouple your stack, you can scale to billions while continuing to move blazing fast.
Use our beautiful starter themes, powerful admin dashboard and third-party vendor integrations to get your store up and running in just a few hours.
Full e-commerce freedom—across all industries and business models.
Migrate and launch your online store on Magstack fast with a customizable, easy-to-use platform

Enjoy powerfull features without the need of a developer

Create a high-quality, custom Magento 2 webshop with no development resources and no-code knowledge.

Build your Magento 2 consumer store with one click

With Mastack you retain flexibility so that the desired functionalities of the shop are quickly realized without compromising on the quality or speed of the system

  • An easy no code website builder: Magstack don’t require coding expertise. Use our build in builder for full customization.
  • Customise your store completely: Tailor every aspect of your storefront to ensure your site distinctively represents you.

Sell your products across all channels

Instantly sell across various platforms. This includes your own website, well-known marketplaces, social media channels, and more, reaching customers wherever they are.

  • Choose important sales channels: Start using online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping to enhance your online presence and sales.
  • Social selling within a click: Boost your sales by tapping into the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Build to deliver conversions

Magstack is focussed on boosting conversions by leveraging various tools to enhance user experience and engagement to improve your sales.

  • High converting checkout: Enhance your ultra-fast online store with a top-performing checkout which will increase conversion rates
  • Increadible pagespeed: Drastically better Magento pagespeed and maximum performance. Out of the box, we score a 90+/100 score and it passing Core Web Vitals
Speed and agility aren’t words that typically describe enterprise companies. Magstack enables us to move fast, add enhancements, and operate more like a startup.
Michael Rosania
Head of D2C Ecommerce, Reckitt-Benckiser

Magento build with B2B and direct to consumer in mind

Net payment terms
Implement net payment terms by automatically setting them while monitoring and managing order collections.
Enhance payment flexibility
Streamline the order process with draft orders, payment reminders, invoices, and terms that require payment upon fulfillment.
PunchOut Catalog
Launch one-click, pre-built tools including immediate quote generation, user permissions, and re-ordering for a best-in-class B2B customer experience.
Quotation management
Managing quote requests directly from the admin panel and streamle the negotiation process flawlessly.
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Integrate seamless with all your neceserry tools

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A quick and simple checkout qualifies as frictionless commerce. Our consumers have consistently chosen Shop Pay for expedited checkout, which has resulted in double-digit gain
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Increase your sales, without the heavy lifting.

Magstack users spend 90% less on their online store development than with standard Magento 2 projects. Put your money into your marketing and customer experience, not your IT department.
99.98% average uptime across Shopify
10K+ checkouts per minute with unlimited bandwidth and transactions
Built-in security, compliance, data encryption, and fraud and bot protection
Personalized migration, launch, and account management support at no extra cost
Sync your online B2B and DTC products, customers, and payments on one platform
Customize your online store and checkout, from front end to back end

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