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Scale your store globally with an advanced commerce platform

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    Average worldwide uptime on Magstack

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    Countries and 21 languages to sell in

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    Countries and 21 languages to sell in

  • Build an wholesale store on Magento from scratch without developers.

    Full-stack experience
    Unify your retail and wholesale channels in one store. Attract new wholesale clients and customize your site for their specific product and prices.
    Manage customer groups
    Assign wholesale customers to unique groups including personalized pricing, products, re-ordering, and approval processes.
    Integrated price lists
    Customize prices and discounts for each SKU for individual clients. Easily assign new price lists to customer groups or individual wholesale accounts.

    Essential features, ready to use out of the box

    Wholesale customers have different needs than retail customers, such as bulk order sizes and approval processes.

    Magstack supports these needs with specific payment options and tailored site experiences.

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    We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. We saw an incredible opportunity to partner with Magstack to handle the base level Magento 2 services.
    Benny Joseph
    Chief Technology Officer, Allbirds

    Integrate all your required systems

    Efficiency is key in wholesale, and our software understands this. Tools that are designed to handle high-volume transactions effortlessly, making your day-to-day operations smoother and more efficient.

    Encourage growth by integrating your store with various platforms and tools. Enjoy hassle-free expansion from a single, comprehensive platform.

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    "We converted up to 11% more from day one"
    Benny Joseph
    Chief Technology Officer, Allbirds

    Enhance customer experience for all segments with built-in wholesale functionality's

    Magstack users spend 90% less on their online store development than with standard Magento 2 projects. Put your money into your marketing and customer experience, not your IT department.
    99.98% average uptime across Magstack
    10K+ checkouts per minute with unlimited bandwidth and transactions
    Built-in security, compliance, data encryption, and fraud and bot protection
    Personalized migration, launch, and account management support at no extra cost
    Sync your online B2B and DTC products, customers, and payments on one platform
    Customize your online store and checkout, from front end to back end