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Our platform is designed to help you sell your products directly to consumers. Whether you're a small business just getting started or a large corporation looking to expand your online presence, we have the tools and features you need to succeed.

Our platform is easy to use and customizable, so you can create a unique online shopping experience that reflects your brand and meets your customers' needs. With features like flexible pricing options, personalized product recommendations, and seamless checkout, you can give your customers a smooth and satisfying shopping experience.
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  • Build your brand online very easy
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  • Sell across multiple channels within a few minutes
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  • Use our World-class, customised checkout, approved and improved by others
  • Connect with customers by using subtle campaigns and automations
  • Use our high-tech personalisation tools
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  • Know your audience by gaining customer insights
  • Greater visibility, smarter ad campaigns, and more personalized marketing.
  • Increase sales on marketplaces by effortlessly integrate, reprice, and optimize your product catalogs.
  • Integrate with Google, Amazon, Bol and much more.
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  • Easely track your sales, orders via analytics integration
  • Manage your stock, inventory & orders and outsource fulfillment
  • Take control of your customer data to build custom audiences and explore the customer insights that drive ongoing growth.

Benefits of B2C ecommerce

One way to efficiently manage complex products, process large orders efficiently, and manage customer accounts efficiently is to use account-based product visibility and pricing on your website. This gives you the flexibility to fulfill specific customer requirements, such as wholesale pricing and purchase requirements, while providing a personalized experience.

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The benefits of the Magstack's Magento 2 B2C e-commerce software

The open source software is so popular due to the channel links and features that integrate seamlessly with the framework. A new version of Magento was released a few years ago: Magento 2. This updated version has increased flexibility, efficiency and speed and is easy to personalize thanks to the open source software. With Magento 2 you retain flexibility so that the desired functionalities of the shop are quickly realized without compromising on the quality or speed of the system.
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+20% increase in conversion*
Travel-booking platform Skyscanner saw a 20% uplift in booking conversion and up to 100% uplift in ancillary purchases with Braintree.
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*Data based on the business’s own internal analysis. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business.

All your questions anwered

  • E-commerce aimed at consumers

    Do you sell to consumers? Then it is good to remember that for them it is not only about the webshop, but also about experiencing an optimal online sales experience. From finding the shop among your competitors in the search results to easily discovering their favorite products in the shop, clear communication after the order is placed and fast delivery of their new purchases. These are all factors that contribute to customer satisfaction and return. Is your shop cluttered or does that one product page load very slowly? Then the consumer is back in the search engine within one click. On the way to your competitor. E-commerce aimed at consumers requires the right tools to ensure that a webshop visit converts into an order and not into an abandoned shopping cart.

  • B2C e-commerce is changeable

    Building a webshop is not a ready-made formula. Not only is every webshop different, you also want to be able to continue to develop in the future. The online world never stands still and B2C e-commerce is changing rapidly. Techniques and trends follow in rapid succession. Just look at the shift from online purchases via desktop to tablet and smartphone. This change in consumer behavior required a lightning-fast adjustment to optimally set up the app and web shop for mobile viewing. You not only have to deal with technical changes, speed or changing collections, but also with the changing needs of the consumer.

  • Ecommerce solution for retailers

    How do you serve the customer in a fast-paced online world full of competitive distractions? With a powerful, fast and efficient e-commerce solution such as Magento 2 that offers retailers all the functionalities to make online sales possible. Integration is important to seamlessly connect processes at the back of your webshop. From order to payment and from warehouse to stock. Magento 2 is one of the most chosen B2C webshop systems in the world to arrange this and realize a powerful sales experience for consumers. And that is not without reason.

  • B2C webshops

    The conversion of a good webshop depends on a good user experience, fast loading time and a beautiful design. B2C e-commerce must not only contain the right technology at the back to successfully arrange the process down to the last detail. To pay for itself, the front must also be in order. Consumers want speed, overview and convenience. The ideal webshop system facilitates these wishes, but is above all flexible for the rapidly changing online world. Once an e-commerce platform is up and running, it is always evolving in order to continue to realize the optimal customer experience.

  • Magstack's B2C e-commerce solution

    Setting up a webshop requires an investment and a powerful system with which you can connect all parties. Given the financial picture, you want to make an efficient and good choice that pays for itself on all fronts and with which you can grow. Now, but certainly also to be able to develop further in the future. Magstack offers you the answer. With our cost-efficient Magento 2 solution, we can build your webshop with a rock-solid e-commerce system. B2C e-commerce software that is flexible, efficient and fast, so you can create the ultimate online sales experience. Now and in the future.

    Do you want to know more about this optimized Magento 2 framework and discover how it offers entrepreneurs everything to set up a powerful webshop without invoices with sky-high development costs? Please contact us. We would be happy to discuss with you how we can turn your webshop into a new B2C e-commerce success!

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