Magento development trends in 2022

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November 7, 2022
There is no doubt that eCommerce websites and mobile apps have become a hot favorite amongst business owners. Right from customizing an existing Magento store to building a new one completely from scratch—you will find something for everyone. However, the cost of creating such a Magento store is not at all affordable for every online…

There is no doubt that eCommerce websites and mobile apps have become a hot favorite amongst business owners. Right from customizing an existing Magento store to building a new one completely from scratch—you will find something for everyone.

However, the cost of creating such a Magento store is not at all affordable for every online business owner. Therefore, it becomes necessary to opt for reliable and efficient options such as XYZ Development Company for creating an impressive eCommerce website within your budget.

XYZ Development Company offers cost-effective Magento application development solutions which can be customized according to client’s specific requirements. However, one should always take into account the latest trends followed in the world of Magento development. Let’s check out some of the most popular trends which you need to consider for your next Magento store:

Mobile apps and responsive websites go hand in hand

After a tremendous rise in mobile devices, it has been observed that around 50% of online shoppers use their smartphones or tablets for shopping purposes rather than desktops or laptops. Well, if you want to grab more business from the mobile traffic, then opting for responsive websites will be a great choice. In fact, Google has already started giving preference to such eCommerce sites by ranking them higher on search engine results page (SERP). Moreover, there are options like Unbxd Inc., Wappalyzer etc. which help create an efficient eCommerce website within a short period of time.

Inclusion of live chat integration

In today’s world, it has been seen that clients expect omni-channel support from their service providers for better customer satisfaction. Thus, if you want to meet the expectations of your valuable customers, then you can consider adding an efficient real-time support feature on your Magento store through live chat integrations like LiveChat Support , Olark etc. This way, users can directly interact with customer care representatives anytime they need help or assistance for their queries and complaints at one single place—their online website/eCommerce store. Over here, your business will not only be able to retain existing customers but also attract new ones by fulfilling their demands within a short period of time.

Use of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

Well, if you are planning to hire Magento developers for developing your eCommerce site, then they must be well-versed with the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. These new web designing & development tools come packed with impressive features which can help create interactive websites/eCommerce stores within less time—and that too without making visitors wait for more seconds (just like Flash). As per reports from industry experts, the market share of these newest web design languages will be on an upward trend in the coming years as well. Therefore, it is advisable for every business owner to consider hiring experienced Magento developers who can assure success through their creative ideas and cost-effective solutions.

Introduction of personalized eCommerce features

If you are an online retailer, then there is nothing better than creating a personalized shopping experience for your valuable customers to win their trust in the long run. Over here, you can include options like product recommendations, automated email marketing etc. to send promotional messages/coupons/offers to users on a regular basis—which will definitely help boost sales over time.

Use of A/B testing tools

A/B testing is considered as one of the most effective ways to generate conversions on Magento stores by identifying mistakes beforehand. These A/B testing tools are generally used to estimate statistical significance between two or more variants which can be either an improvement or downgrade over the original version. Well, if you want to make your Magento store a hit among buyers, then opting for such tools can certainly help you create an impressive website with better landing pages.

Imminent rise of live chats as part of eCommerce websites

In order to gain more insights about visitors on any online business/eCommerce website, one can implement live chats as a part of their site. These chat boxes will definitely prove instrumental in improving overall sales, provide assistance to customers and increase new customer registrations count through immediate response from experts on all queries—24X7. In fact, some advanced live chat integration options also collect information regarding visitor’s geographical location and browser type that helps companies generate heatmaps to identify the points of customer’s interests.

Availability of improved CMS solutions for Magento stores

If you are looking forward to selling your products on a number of online platforms, then opting for a good quality content management system (CMS) is a must for you. In fact, using simple yet powerful CMS tools can definitely help boost user engagement over a period of time—which will eventually result in positive ROI for your business within no time. For instance, Magento offers multiple free and premium themes that can be used to create unique design layouts by any company without spending much budget or efforts. At the same time, it also allows users to add unlimited product categories, catalogs and sub-categories which help them generate better traffic.

Imminent rise of social media optimization for eCommerce websites

As you know, promoting your eCommerce site on leading search engines is not enough to gain success in the long run—what you need is some effective strategies to reach out potential shoppers through different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. Well, if you are planning to get more social shares and likes for your online store’s page within a short period of time, then opting for some advanced attention-grabbing tools like Pinterest will definitely prove helpful. This enterprise seems promising as it can help generate an impressive number of views for website/eCommerce stores within no time by means of becoming affiliate marketer and sharing attractive photos with other website owners free of cost.

Introduction of personalized newsletters

If you are tired of sending traditional emails to your users on a regular basis, then opting for some efficient email marketing strategies can prove helpful. In fact, using such email strategies over a period of time can certainly help you win loyalty from buyers and boost sales by converting visitors into potential customers. For instance, Magento offers effective newsletter tools that allow its users to create impressive newsletters with the help of drag & drop editor—which helps upgrade sales easily. By means of customization options like different color schemes, fonts etc., you as a developer/CEO can easily grab attention from your target audience within no time.

Addition of QR codes to increase product discovery

As we all know that mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, thus many store owners are planning to develop mobile-friendly Magento stores that are compatible with most Android, iOS and Windows devices. In fact, using QR codes can prove helpful in reaching out potential buyers within seconds due to its interactive nature. As defined by Google , QR codes serve as “a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is used for storing URLs or other data.” At the same time, these amazing tools allow users to receive instant notifications on their cell phones whenever any new product is added in your eCommerce website—which eventually helps you win loyalty from existing shopping addicts within no time.


Well, if you want your eCommerce website to be popular among shoppers for a long time, then opting for some effective Magento development solutions is a must. In fact, using such tools can definitely help you develop an interactive online store that generates impressive sales volume over the years—thus making your business/eCommerce website a potential market leader in no time.

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