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Using the raport data in the Magento Backoffice

Why and how should you use the raport data in the Magento Backoffice. Let us explain you in short.

  • Log in to your Magento Backoffice.
  • Click on the “Reports” tab in the main menu.
  • Select the report you want to use from the list of available reports. There are several types of reports available, such as Sales, Customers, Products, and Marketing.
  • Choose the date range for the report data you want to view by selecting the start and end dates.
  • Click on the “Show Report” button to generate the report.
  • The report data will be displayed on the screen. You can view the data in different formats, such as tables, charts, and graphs.
  • You can also filter the data by various criteria, such as order status, customer group, and product type, by using the filters provided in the report interface.
  • You can export the report data to various formats, such as CSV, Excel, and PDF, by clicking on the “Export” button.

Using the report data in the Magento Backoffice can help you to gain insights into your store’s performance, identify trends and patterns, and make informed decisions about your business strategy.

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Use cases
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