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Using the Mollie module for Magento 2

Mollie is the simplest method to handle payments for your Magento store. Integrate all the main payment options into your Magento store quickly, completing the final stage of the consumer experience by learning how to use the Mollie module for Magento 2. Mollie Payments for Magento provides a vital success factor: an easy to install, easy to use, configurable payments gateway with 20+ local and worldwide payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit cards. Make payments as simple as possible for your clients and watch your conversion rates rise when you finally start to use the Mollie module for Magento 2.

Mollie transforms the payment process into a simple and personalized consumer experience. One plugin provides an API gateway that connects your site to the rest of the world, with specialized help and support available at all times.

To start the process to use the Mollie module for Magento 2, you would have to first create a Mollie account.

STEP 1: Create a mollie account

To use the Mollie module for Magento 2, you would need to have a Mollie account. To create one, go to mollie.com, and click sign up. A new page would open, asking for your details. Fill in the required details and then click the “Create Account” button.

To activate it and to use the Mollie module for Magento 2, find Mollie’s dashboard, and click on “activate account.” You would have now successfully made a Mollie account.

In order to activate your account, you have to enter information about your company, such as its legal form and VAT number. Mollie uses this to verify whether or not your company is legitimate and registered.

STEP 2: Add payment methods to your mobile account

When creating the account, you can choose from a wide variety of global and local payment methods, including credit cards, wallets, and online banking. For that, you need to activate payment methods in your Mollie account before you can use them in your Magento store.

STEP 3: Install Mollie in your magento store

Now, after that, install Mollie in your Magento Store so that you can use the Mollie module for Magento 2.

STEP 4: Add API keys

After installing Mollie, you need to get API keys for the mollie plugin to work. To access the keys, go to your Mollie dashboard, and click on the API keys.

Here you will see 2 API keys. The live API key will only be visible once Mollie has approved your account, but in the meantime, you can use the test API key and practice, in part, how to use the Mollie module for Magento 2.

Now copy the test API key and go to your Magento dashboard. Once there, click Stores > Configuration  > Mollie > Select general.

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Lastly, paste the API key you copied from your Mollie account and make sure the mode you have selected is TEST. Then click the test API key. If the test connection is successful, simply click “Save Config” at the top right of the window. 

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To configure the various payment options, click on “Payment Methods” and then you can select the payment method you want.

Even though all the Mollie payment methods are displayed by default, your store will only display the methods you have enabled in your Mollie account.

This is another important step when you start to use the Mollie module for Magento 2. 

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Once done with these steps, you should now be able to successfully use the Mollie Module for Magento 2.

Since Mollie is a helpful software that can be of great use to an eCommerce store or website, it is essential to learn how to use it effectively and efficiently. With this article, we wanted to provide a reliable guide on how to use the Mollie module for Magento 2. Feel free to browse through our other blog topics to learn more about Magento 2 and supporting tools and softwares that can truly help your store.

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