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Using the Mollie API keys

In order to authenticate a user, developer, or calling programme to an API, an application programming interface (API) key is used. An API access key is made up of two parts: an application ID and an application secret.

To get a session token, use an API access key. When contacting REST endpoints, the session token is utilized. You control the lifecycle of your API access key; this means you may regenerate it as often as you like or destroy it completely. Each Marketplace Developer Portal environment has its own set of API access keys. 

For this article, we would learn how to use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2. API access keys created for testing cannot be used in production, and vice versa.

Read below to understand how to use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2 using easy steps:


To get started to use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2, first login to your Magento account

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The next step is to select Integrations from the System menu.

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Select the “Add New Integration” option.

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This is an essential step if you want to use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2. Enter your basic information under Integration Info, such as your name, email address, and password.

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Select API from the Basic Settings drop down menu and choose “All” from the Resource Access drop down option. You can now go ahead and save the file by clicking the Save button.

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Select the “Active” option.

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To save the steps you just completed to use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2, click the Done button. The API information you receive from Magento must be saved separately. 

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To get started to use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2

Firstly On Admin, you must create a web service. To enable web services in Magento, follow the steps outlined below:

– If you’re utilizing token-based authentication, go to Admin and create a web services user by going to System > Permission > All Users > Add New User. 

Note: You do not need to create a new user in the Admin if you are utilizing session-based or OAuth authentication.

– On Admin, create a new integration. To do that, click System > Extensions > Integration > Add New Integration and build an integration. Make sure to limit the integration’s access to resources.

– To configure authentication, use a REST or SOAP client.

Why you should use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2

Numerous tasks can be performed using the APIs. For instance:

– Make a shopping application. This might be a typical app that a consumer installs on their mobile device. You might even develop an app that an employee on the showroom floor uses to assist clients in making purchases.

– Backend CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, such as Salesforce or Xero, should be integrated.

– Integrate with a content management system (Content Management System). Content tagging is not yet supported.

– Create JavaScript widgets in the storefront or the administration panel. To access services, the widget uses AJAX calls.

How you can manage your access API keys:

– You can regenerate the key from the list of API access keys.

– When the key is regenerated, a new pair of the application ID and application secret is created.

– The prior pair can no longer be used to get a session token after it has been renewed.

– However, any session tokens received from the prior key will be valid until they expire.

– You can remove the key from the list of API access keys.

– The key can no longer be used to acquire a session token after it has been destroyed.

– However, any session tokens received from the prior key will be valid until they expire. 


To summarize, an application or user is identified and authenticated using a code, called an application programming interface (API) key. Software applications send and receive data using APIs. APIs can link programmes together so they can share functionality. In order to connect to or communicate with another API, it would be necessary for you to have an API key. 

For a Magento store owner, API keys can make tasks so much easier. From the initial setting up to routine revisions and development, you can readily accomplish a wide array of tasks simply if you use the Mollie API keys for Magento 2. 

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