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How to setup attribute sets in Magento 2

A product attribute set in Magento 2 is a set of attributes that best describe the characteristics associated with a specific type of product. For example, the size, material, and color can be an attribute set for a pair of jeans. These are used primarily to make product management easy so that you don’t have to assign each attribute to every product separately. 

When each product belongs to specific attribute sets, it proves helpful with sorting and organizing them because they are readily divided into groups, all major characteristics of the said product are grouped into one, single place, and because all the necessary required information about specific products can be imported right away through just a simple step.

This article would help you manage your eCommerce store with much more ease, by providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up attribute sets in Magento 2.

STEP 1: Navigate to ADMIN PANEL to get started

Once on the Admin Panel, you can choose from the preset attributes offered, that are set by default in Magento 2. These default attributes may include SKU, name, description, price, etc. 

In order to set up attribute sets in Magento 2 that are new and not already mentioned, you can go to “STORES” on the navigation panel at the left of the screen, and then choose Attributes > Attribute Set.

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STEP 2: Choose a NAME for your set

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Once you hit the “ADD ATTRIBUTE SET” option, type in a name for the set, and select an already existing attribute set as a reference for how you want your final and set up attribute sets in Magento 2 to be like. When your choices are final, SAVE the attribute set and move on to step 3.

STEP 3: Fill in the Attribute Set INFORMATION

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To successfully set up attribute sets in Magento 2, start by adding relevant information into the given areas. 

  • Set Name: This would be the name of the attribute set, that would not be shown on the front end.
  • Groups: All the attribute sets would be organized here.
  • Unassigned Attributes: The attributes that are not assigned to any group yet, are listed here.

These are discussed in detail later.

STEP 4: SAVE and set up attribute sets in Magento 2

When you have finished adding all information needed, you can go ahead and SAVE your choices by clicking on SAVE in the top right corner. After this, you would have finally set up attribute sets in Magento 2.


Once you have successfully set up attribute sets in Magento 2, you would also need to assign that set to Magento Products. You can do that by following these steps:

Go to PRODUCTS > CATALOG, and then hit the ADD PRODUCT button. You can then choose the attribute set that you want to assign. This is where having already set up attribute sets in Magento 2 come in handy. The product information panel would now display sections when the groups for a specific product contain the same attributes, making it easier to select and assign each product with the most appropriately fitting attribute set. 

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Once you successfully set up attribute sets in Magento 2, you would find a new option that would help you Edit your attribute sets in Magento 2. As briefly discussed in Step 3 of how to set up attribute sets in Magento 2, you will see an “Attribute Set EDIT PAGE” once the set has been added. 

This page would consist of 3 main headings: ATTRIBUTE SET NAME, GROUPS, and UNASSIGNED ATTRIBUTES. The Attribute Set Name can easily be edited at any time by simply clicking on the name and changing it as per your desire. Any attributes from the Unassigned Attributes list can easily be added to any Group by simply dragging and dropping them into a group.

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To add a new Group, you can press the ADD NEW button and add another Group to the list. To DELETE an attribute group, just click on the Group and press the DELETE SELECTED GROUP button.

When you are certain of your new selections, do not forget to press the SAVE button in the top right corner to save your changes on how you want to set up attribute sets in Magento 2

In conclusion, it should be no hassle to set up attribute sets in Magento 2. As explained, the process is simple and requires almost no technical knowledge to be able to do so. Once the attributes of certain products are added, they can be grouped in a way that can later save time and energy by being readily available for selection after products are uploaded. 

We hope whatever confusion you had in setting up attribute sets in Magento 2, has now been answered and you’re all set to set up attribute sets on your own!

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