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Adding your locale configurations

This article will provide all the information you need if you’re wondering how to adjust the locale, language, and country settings in Magento 2, and make your store easier to approach once you add your locale configurations into Magento. Magento 2’s Locale Options offer additional information about your store. So set up your store’s details and add your locale configurations under Locale Options to reflect your region’s time zone, official working days, and language. People may also be able to determine your nation, tax rate, and other pertinent geographic information.

Your store will become more approachable and closer to the public when you add your locale configurations in Magento 2. Additionally, you can move closer to running your store in other nations. To learn what else you can accomplish, follow this guide.

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To add your locale configurations, begin by navigating to the ADMIN sidebar, and clicking on STORES. Once there, choose CONFIGURATION under SETTINGS. Next, in the panel on the left under GENERAL, go ahead and choose GENERAL. Expand the section that is labeled LOCAL OPTIONS. Go through the list, select your TIMEZONE, and then proceed to do the following steps:

  • Make sure the store language is set to LOCALE
  • You may need to change the WEIGHT UNIT to the one that is typically used for local shipments
  • The day considered to be your area’s first day of the week should be set as the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK.
  • Choose the days that, in your area, fall on a weekend from the WEEKEND DAYS list. (Press and hold the Command (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) key to choose multiple choices.)

Click on SAVE CONFIG once all of these are done, 

You can clearly set State Options and Country Options in addition to deciding to just add your Locale configurations if necessary. The state information is optional with Sate Options because each country has a different standard address format. In many nations, a postal address must include the state, province, or area in order to be utilized for shipping, billing, calculating tax rates, and other purposes. State requirements for the countries can be established on the state choices page.

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COUNTRY OPTIONS also specify the country in which your company is based and the countries from which you accept payments.

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This is an essential set to add your locale configurations in a Magento 2 store. Since this information could be used to process orders more effectively, configuring State options enables you to have better control over the specifics of the address requirement. To begin setting up, follow these steps:

  1. Click on STORES on the Admin sidebar, and choose CONFIGURATION under Settings
  2. Under GENERAL on the left-side panel, choose General.
  3. Then, when you expand the section labeled STATE OPTIONS, you can go ahead and do the following steps:
  • Select each country where Region/State is a required entry in the STATE IS REQUIRED FOR list.
  • In the area labeled ALLOW TO CHOOSE STATE IF IT IS OPTIONAL FOR COUNTRY, select either of the two options mentioned below:

YES to include the State field as an optional entry in nations where it is not necessary, this includes the State field as an optional entry. Or NO The State field should not be included in nations where it is not necessary, the State field would be omitted.

  1. Click on SAVE CONFIG when all of these steps are done.


It’s possible for your store to mail orders to customers in several countries. As a result, by following the steps listed below, you can configure which countries you want to do business in:

First, select STORES from the Admin sidebar. Select CONFIGURATION from the list of Settings. Then, select GENERAL in the left-hand panel’s General section. Click to expand the Country Options box, then take the following actions:

  • Select the default country where your company is based.
  • Choose each country from which you accept orders from the Allow Countries list. By default, every country on the list is chosen. Hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) key to choose more than one country.
  • Choose each country where you conduct business that does not require a ZIP or postal code to be provided as part of the street address from the Zip/Postal Code is Optional for list.
  • Choose each European Union country where you do business from the list of European Union countries. By default, all European Union states are chosen.
  • Choose the key countries you primarily want to sell to from the Top Destinations list.

When done with these steps, click on SAVE CONFIG and save your progress. By now, you must have almost completely figured out how to add your locale configurations into Magento 2 and sort national and international orders and deliveries. 


The end result is now displayed on the front end. Please be sure you’ve tried basic suggestions like reindexing and flushing/clearing cache on your server/browser before verifying. Using incognito mode is also recommended.

To sum it all up, setting Locale options for your Magento 2 store can provide your customers with additional information about you, helping you to more easily establish trust and a tighter relationship with your clients. So by choosing to add your locale configurations, you automatically build a trustworthy bind for your customers to grasp and hold on to. To operate your business, you can also specify state and national requirements, which is important when doing business internationally. 

Click here <link> for more help with Magento 2 configuration and lesser-known tips and tricks for your e-commerce store to flourish and grow.

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